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Lil boyss

This god damned lil boy thinks he can play me and get away with it. 1st we went out like 4 times and we were gnna go out again but i was messing around with one of my friends and was like omg what would ppl do if we put our selves up in a relationship on facebook. so this dmab ass lil boy goes off and stops talking to me and tells both of our best friends that ima whore and a slut and he hates me and never wants to t alk to me again. Then after he goese off and said for almost a year that i was the only girl he would ever love less than 3 days after we stop talking hes going out with some chick from Oakton. To make it worse then I find out that b4 when we still were talking he was going behind my back and talking to one of my best friends and tell her how he really liked her but his obligations were to me. Then lied to me when i asked him if he liked her and lied to me again when i asked him if she liked him. So the day b4 i find all this shit out i apologized to him and was like sorry if u mistook ne thing it was just a joke but i had to get off the computer and told him to text me if he wanted to kepp talking about this and he doesnt so im kinda upset about it cuz i didnt do anything to cause it. Then a couple days ago he sends me a message on FB saying that he was sorry that he didnt text that night he was still kinda upset. but i could talk to him if i want and if not its fine. He doesnt know that i know all the shit hes done the past month or soo. Im trying to decide weather i should go off on him and bitch him out in the middle of my lockers or just never speak to him again and leave it at that. I'm just so pisseed that guys think they can get away with stupid shit like this. Im just so done with dealing with the way they act.


Major nerves

OMg my BF is coming over today to meet dad and rogue....i'm sooo nervousssss, i got 3 hours of sleep beacuse of it.i cant help but laugh at myself, i probabbly look really stupid saying this but what evrrrr


u know when ur like going out with someone and ur not sure if you like them that way anymore but ur not 100% sure and u dont know what to do, and you dont want to make the wrong decision.....what should u do?????????


THE PARTY WAS AMAZING OMG......we had an ice fight than her dad yelled at us, (i got ice shoved down my shirt twice) THENNNNN we were like dancing 4 2or 3 hours then we all passed out on the couchesssss and ate stuff (i got potato chhips thrown at me) it was soooooooooooooooo much FUnNNNNN im at her house stillll i slept ovr and i havn't slept at allll its greatt and im suppper hyper LALALALALALALALALALALALALALA


HEYYYYY IM goin 2 by BFF's b-day party 2day at 4:30 and stayin till 1045 WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO this rockssssss all my friends r goin its gonna be GREAT im gonna post aftr i get home soooo be readdy




im really bored


THe wether 2day was amazing:))))))))) i loved it, i was able 2go out 2 the bus stop this mornig at 6;45 am and not be cold, and later after skool when i was walking 2 my friends moms car and i was out in my katsucon staff t-shirt, and a pair of jeans and i was fine I LOVE THIS WETHER :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) I WISH IT WOULD NEVER GET COLDER THAN THIS ENLESS IT WAS SNOWING I LOVE THE SNOW

!st day bak 2 skool

Today was my 1st day bak at skool, cause of the snow days, and katsucon. I was about 2 fall asleep the whole entire day, i had 2 turn in 2 projects 1 for Social Studies, and 1 for english. I had 2 present mine in english it suked............... my freind Sydney is having a valentines day party without me :(((((((( im so sadd. UMMMMMMMMMM I CANT THINK OF ANYTHING ELSE 2 SAY..... GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR


HEY Y'ALLL as u can see i got moi cat ears 2day, they r soooooooooooooooooo cooooool. i think they rok, theres a dance/rave thingggyyy 2night later......... i tink im gonna go but it all depends on punkie, and chris.................dad says i look 4 years older wat du u think??????????????????????????